About · Kristin Siu

Hello! I'm Kristin Siu! I am a senior software engineer who works in the games industry. I've spent my industry career at places like Microsoft (Mojang Studios) and Riot Games.

I also make indie games! My most recent major project is Elsinore, an award-winning, time-looping Shakespearean adventure game. Details on my side projects can be found on my projects page.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech in 2021. My dissertation explores the use and variation of reward systems in human computation games for solving crowdsourcing and science problems. I was advised by Dr. Mark Riedl and I was a part of the Entertainment Intelligence Lab in the School of Interactive Computing. I've also worked on procedural content generation, character animation, and computer graphics. Details and links to these publications are available on my publications page.

(This page last updated March 2024)